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Board of Trustees

As the governing body of the School, the Trustees, in partnership with the President, are responsible for providing leadership and a framework within which the faculty members and administration implement the institutional mission. The Board of Trustees delegates to the President the responsibility for both leading the School and designing and implementing the curriculum to meet the goals of the institutional mission and policies. It is the responsibility of the Board to oversee the actions of the President in these endeavors.

The Board is comprised of various committees, which closely parallel the operational functions of the School. Excluding the Executive Committee, participation on the committees is not restricted to trustees and thus includes faculty, patron, and/or alumni representatives.

The Board focuses on five areas critical to the success of any INdependent SChool: 

Affirming and upholding the institutional mission of the School

Selecting, evaluating, and supporting the Head of School

Developing broad institutional policies that guide the Head of School in leading and managing the School

Partnering with the Head of School to provide leadership and a framework within which faculty members and administrators implement the School's institutional mission

Ensuring the financial well-being of the School


In the conduct of its official business, the Board acts only as a whole; individual trustees, including the Board President, have no authority to act unless specifically authorized to do so by the Board acting as a body.