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”To thine own self be true…”

In keeping with our school’s mission and vision, the College Counseling Program at The Independent School guides students and families through the college admissions process, seeking to identify “Best Fit” colleges and universities that are appropriate to student interests and demonstrated abilities. We successfully accomplish this through an ongoing and supportive process that addresses the needs of every individual student. Our approach is student-centered, ensuring that students are given the proper guidance to achieve their academic, co-curricular, social and career goals. We empower students to become fully engaged, owning the process, outcomes and decisions. We believe that the key to student success is open and continued dialogue among students, parents and the College Counseling Office.

The Journey

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  • 9th Grade

    Students begin exploring their interests and connecting that self-discovery with their college goals.
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  • 10th Grade

    Students receive continued support to lay the groundwork for college by making thoughtful choices in course selection as well as in extracurricular and service activities.
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  • 11th Grade

    Having cultivated their passions in the first two years, students take on larger roles in the community and begin to prepare their applications.
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  • 12th Grade

    Students work with the college counselor to finalize their applications and make a decision based on their individual best fit.
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Meet Our College Counselor

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  • Gidget Watson

    Though formally educated as an engineer and engaged in a myriad of things in my professional career, I have long had the passion to motivate, encourage, transform and empower young minds through the medium of education. The Independent School embraces these same passions! It is an environment that inspires students to be their best selves.
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