Inspire Opportunity

The Independent School athletic program offers students the opportunity to participate in a multitude of team sports. As a participatory school, we do not cut from teams. The athletic program emphasizes the importance of developing personal fitness for strong performance and a healthy and positive mental attitude.

Panther Showcase

List of 20 news stories.

  • MS: Cross Country 9/13

    Janelle Stallbaumer
    The Middle School Panthers competed at Goddard yesterday. Another warm, dusty day. We are seeing improvements by all and had some medalists. This meet medaled top 30. Our medalists were
    Alexander Lewis 7th grade boys
    Chelsea Balderas 8th grade girls
    Bee Roe had a 50 second improvement on her time and
    Leo Argotsinger improved his time by 6 seconds
    Panthers compete next at Andover and Marion next week.
  • Volunteers Needed for Football and Volleyball Games

    We are so excited for this upcoming fall sports season! We are looking for volunteers who would like to help out during the Volleyball and Football home games. The positions and dates needed are as followed:

    Football: Needed on 9/2, 9/9, 9/15, 10/7, 10/20, 10/21, and 10/28
    • Chain gang: crew that manages signal poles on the sidelines (3 people needed per game)
    • Ticket Collector at the gate (2 people per game)
    • Pressbox (4 people needed per game)
      • Scoreboard Operator
      • Play Clock Operator
      • Announcer
      • Spotter: helps play-by-play announcer pick out which player caught a pass or made a tackle
    • Ball Boys (2-3 Middle School kids)

    Volleyball: Needed on 8/30, 9/20, 9/27, 9/29, 10/6, 10/10
    • Scorebook Keeper (2 people per game)
    • Flipper: flips score on the scoreboard (1 person per game)
    • Libero Tracker: tracks the libero replacements by assuring the libero is replaced and ensures that when libero leaves court the player is the same player that was replaced when she last entered set (1 person per game)
    • Line judges: assist referee to make call for ball landing on or near the sideline and end line closest to them (4 people needed per game)
    • Ticket Collector at Gate (2 people needed)
    Please contact Athletic Director, Jason Selmon by Tuesday August 30th if you are able to fill a spot. Both the athletes and coaches appreciate all of your help during the home games! Let's go Panthers!

  • Cheer Meeting

    If you are interested in joining Middle or Upper School Cheer this year, please attend the cheer meeting, Tuesday, Aug. 13 at 6:00 P.m. in the US Commons/Cafeteria.
  • Blyholder Family Dentistry Donates Football Mouthguards

    As a professional courtesy to The Independent School, Blyholder Family Dentistry will be donating mouthguards to the middle school and upper school football teams.

    These mouthguards will help to protect the investment many of you have made in your children's teeth. High impact sports like football cause many injuries to teeth every year. 
    Dr. Blyholder along with her staff member Lindsey will be coming to the campus on Friday, Aug. 12 from 12-3 P.M. to fit each child with a mouthguard at no cost to you. 
    For students that want to invest in the next level up, Blyholder Family Dentistry will be offering custom sport performance mouthguards at a discount of $250 to your students. These mouthguards are used in numerous professional sports. They will be setting aside time for these students to be seen in the office for an oral scan and impressions to be sent off to the lab to fabricate the custom sports guards. If you or your child is interested in the custom mouthguard please let them know on Friday, as appointment times have been set aside for in office visits so students can have mouthguards ASAP. 
    For those with questions about the difference in the guards please see the reference below and feel free to ask any questions Friday. We look forward to seeing you all!!! Let’s go Panthers!!! 
    Why a custom guard:
    1. Fits better
    2. Stays in
    3. Protects Ortho and permanent   teeth 
    4. Compliance is higher
    5. Increased sports performance by increasing airway, reducing cortisol levels= less stress
    6. Better material will last longer
    7. Can be used in multiple sports
  • Fall Sports Practice Begins Aug. 15

    Fall practices begin Aug. 15. Before you can participate, a completed physical and concussion form must be filled out by all middle and upper school athletes. A copy of the concussion form can be found here

    For more information, reach out to your coach:
    US Football - Letarius
    MS Football - Kenneth
    US/MS Cross Country - Janelle
    US/MS Tennis - Jason
    US/MS Tennis - Joanna
    US Cheer Coach - Sydney
    MS Cheer Coach - Caitlynn
    US Volleyball Coach - Maren
    MS Volleyball Coach - Tayana
    Please also feel free to contact Athletic Director, Jason Selmon if you have any questions or concerns at
  • Fall Athletics Update

    Hello Parents,
    Thanks for attending our fall athletics meeting. Here are some of the highlights and information that was shared in case you were not able to make it. Fall sports will consist of US/MS football, cross country, volleyball, girls tennis, and cheer.  There are many ways for parents to be involved in our athletic programs. A couple of things that come to mind are helping to coordinating team building activities or pre-game meals and lunches for away games. Our coaches welcome that and would love to hear from you. Please contact them if you want to support their efforts or if you have any sport specific questions or concerns.
    US Football- Letarius Ray-
    MS Football- Kenneth Rogers-
    US/MS Cross Country- Janelle Stallbaumer-
    US Cheer Coach- Sydney Werner-
    MS Cheer Coach- Caitlynn Rice-
    US Volleyball Coach- Maren Kingery-
    MS Volleyball Coach- Tayana Martin-

    Please also feel free to contact Athletic Director, Jason Selmon if you have any questions or concerns at
    Please have a look at the “Panther Way” document. This sets the foundation and expectations for our athletic programs and we've asked all of our coaches to adopt this into their programs. As parents, we ask that you trust our process,  believe in the program and allow our coaches to coach your player. We also ask that you respect our coaching staff and if you have concerns during athletic contest that you allow 24 hours before addressing our coaches. 
    Practices will begin August 15th and a completed and signed physical and concussion form are required before your athlete can participate. Please turn in forms to the main office in either the MS or US and we will get them processed. We’ve attached all of the schedules for our fall sports. Our MS football schedule is still being put together and we hope to have that done within the next few weeks. You will find schedules for each fall sport below:

    US Football Schedule
    US/MS Girls Tennis Schedule
    US/MS Cross Country Schedule
    US Volleyball Schedule
    MS Volleyball Schedule
    In regards to uniforms. Our eventual goal is to outfit all of our sports programs with Adidas brand uniforms. This will happen gradually over the next couple of years on a sport by sport basis based on need. For cheer and tennis we will do a 75/25% split on uniforms and athletes will be allowed to keep those uniforms at the conclusion of the season. Parents will be responsible for the 75% in which the school will bill you for that part of the expense.
    We will hold our students accountable for being student-athletes and will abide by the athletics/activities eligibility policy, which can be found in the student handbook. Review the policy here. Please help us keep your player eligible by checking their grades regularly and reminding them of our policy. 
    There is a $250 athletic fee for each sport that your athlete participates in during the course of the year. If you have concerns about this fee please communicate with our Athletic Director and we will work something out. We will allow our athletes to do multiple sports in a season but please understand that there will be a separate $250 fee for each sport. On that same note, players, coaches and parents will meet together to determine which sport will be the “primary sport” they participate in, and together we will make necessary practice arrangements. In the event of game conflicts, the athlete will participate in the contest they have deemed their “primary sport.”
    All of our coaches have been instructed to use Group Me as our primary mode of communication for athletes and parents. Coaches will need your contact information so they can add you to their group so make sure to share that information with your athletes coach. Download the Group Me app, and please remain professional in how you communicate in these groups. We’d prefer that you not display your grievances or concerns here as this will be a tool to share updates and reminders.
    Our Athletic Booster Club is looking for members. Membership levels are listed here, and if interested contact the Booster Club at
    Lastly, information in regards to fall sports pictures can be found here
  • New Cheer Coach - Sydney Werner

    We are excited to announce our new cheer coach, Sydney Werner. 

    Werner graduated from Kansas State University this year with a bachelor’s in kinesiology. She has danced and cheered competitively for 10 years. 

    “I'm excited for this opportunity to coach at a school that cares about their students,” said Werner. “I can't wait to share my passion for cheer with my new team and bring school spirit to all sports.”

    Currently she is a personal trainer at Genesis Health Club. 

    Welcome, Sydney!
  • New Softball Coach - Laurie Derrico

    Laurie - Softball
    We are excited to announce our new softball coach, Laurie Derrico.

    Derrico graduated from Wichita State University (WSU) in 2019 with a bachelor’s in kinesiology and exercise science and in 2021 with a master’s in sports management. 

    While completing her bachelor’s degree, she played softball all four years and was named American Athletic Conference First Team twice and the All-MVC Second Team in the program’s final season of the Missouri Valley Conference. Derrico started at shortstop in 204 of the 206 games she appeared in during her career at WSU. 

    While completing her master’s, she served as the Director of Softball Operations at WSU, coordinating the team’s needs and helping with recruitment.

    Derrico is currently a licensed real estate agent and a coach for a 316 Elite 16-U softball team. She’s excited to be a part of the panther family!

    “I am most excited about the opportunity to build a dominant softball program focused on growth, mentally and physically, within my athletes,” said Derrico. 

    Welcome, Laurie!
  • Varsity Track Regionals

    The Panthers had a great night last night. We had many personal records. To qualify for State, you must place in the top four in your event. We came close in many events! The following are the results of those who placed and received personal records at Regionals.
    Megan Skinner - Discus - 109' 02" 5th, PR
    Trey Bias, Garret Jensen, Ripley Cole, Desmond McDonald - 4x800, 9:01 6th, PR
    Garret Jensen - 110 High Hurdles 16.48, PR; 300 Hurdles 45.00, PR
    Aaron Shadid, Charlie Osburn, Tatum Stalnaker, Joseph Ricalde-Philips - 4x100 45.05 6th, PR
    Aaron Shadid - 100m Dash 6th 11.54, PR
    Charlie Osburn - 300 Hurdles 43.35, PR
    And your State Qualifiers!!
    Bret Short - Shot Put - 41' 4.5" 3rd STATE QUALIFIER, PR
    Joseph Ricalde Philips - 100 m Dash 11.00 3rd STATE QUALIFIER, PR
    Joseph Ricalde-Philips - 200m Dash 23.37 3rd STATE QUALIFIER
    Bret throws the Shot Put at State, which is at WSU on Saturday, May 28th at 8 AM
    Joseph runs prelims on Friday at 2:30 PM for the 100m and 5:35 PM for the 200m.
    Come out and support your Panthers!
  • HS Track Update

    The Panthers had many good performances with five personal records last weekend. The boys team finished 5th place overall. The girls team really struggled to score, but Lilly Meier pulled through with a 4th place in the high jump.
    The following received personal records at the meet:
    Charlie Osburn in the High Jump and 300 Hurdles
    Garret Jensen in the 300 Hurdles
    Bret Short in the Shot Put
    Loriah Davis in the Discus
    Here are your panthers who placed in the meet. Medals went to the top 3.
    4x800 placed 5th, Garret Jensen, Trey Bias, Desmond McDonald, Ripley Cole
    Garret Jensen 6th 110 High Hurdles
    Aaron Shadid 4th 100 dash
    Charlie Osburn 4th 300 hurdles, 4th High jump
    4 x100 3rd Aaron Shadid, Charlie Osburn, Tatum Stalnaker, Joseph Ricalde-Phillips
    And Joseph  placed 2nd in the 100, 200 and 3rd in the 400.

    Regionals is today! Good luck Panthers!
  • A Letter from the Booster Club

    Athletic Booster Club Members & Panther Parents,
    We are thrilled of the progress the TIS Athletic Booster Club has made this year and look forward to continuing on the path to support our Panthers! Involvement in the TIS ABC is crucial to its success, We Need Your Help! We are excited to share with you the fun opportunities to get involved and support Panther athletics.

    Executive Board
    Submit your name to be considered for election to the Vice President position. This role will be voted on by the current Executive Board during the June meeting.
    Executive Board roles are scoped to be for a commitment of 2 full school years.

    Committee Chair or Co-Chair
    Submit your name to lead one of the Committee Chair Opportunities. Descriptions of responsibilities are listed below. 
    Committee Chair or Co-Chair roles are scoped to be a commitment of 2 full school years.

    Committee Membership
    Not interested in fully committing to the Executive Board or a Committee Chair there is still opportunity for you! Sign up to be on a committee as a volunteer and the appointed Chair will be in touch in how you can help out.
    No scope of commitment here.

    Not interested in any of the three above options? Email Kristen Gray ( with any idea on how you’d like to become involved! We’d love to hear from you!

    Booster Club Membership
    Join the Athletic Booster Club during the enrollment process next year. Membership to the Athletic Booster Club comes with varying perks (depending on level of membership) BUT all members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and provide input. Memberships are required to be renewed each school year.

    To submit your name for consideration please click here: SignUpGenius. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the TIS ABC and a member of the current Executive Board will get in contact with you.
    Go Panthers!  
    Sedrick Ellis                           Megan Stroot                       Kristen Gray
    President                                Treasurer                              Secretary
  • MS Track Meet 5/9

    Middle School Track represented well at their final meet on Monday and had some awesome performances.

    Places and points were awarded to 7th place with medals for the top 6:
    Bailey Fouquet 100 dash - 7th
    Vivian, Bailey, Kinsley, Alex 4 x 100 - 5th
    Alex Lewis 800 - 4th, 1600 - 7th
    Jack Roe 3200 - 6th
    Henry Olson 3200 - 7th
    Lydia 3200 - 2nd, 1600 - 2nd
    Evie, Naomi, Vivian, Bailey 4 x 200 - 4th

    Congratulations on a great season!!!
  • Panther Apparel: End of Year Flash Sale

    As a new Panther apparel store is being established an online pop up store has been set up. The store expires at midnight on Monday, May 16 (Yes- THIS Monday!). This store offers a variety of options that will keep you representing TIS all summer and help you to get new swag ahead of next school year. 
    Scan the below QR code or click here.
    Thank you for supporting TIS and the Athletic Booster Club!
  • US Track Meet 5/9

    The track teams both had meets Monday with the Middle School League and freshman sophomore meet on the same day.

    The upper school team had 6 personal records and a few champions!

    Place winners were:
    Lilly Meier 100 Hurdle - 5th and High Jump - 3rd
    Desmond McDonald 400 - 5th
    Sophia Haubman, Karolina Kadeckkova, Coraline LeFranc and Lilly Meier 4 x 100 - 4th (Go team Europe!)
    Aaron Shadid 100 and 200 - League Champion!

    Up next League Championship Thursday at Garden Plain!
  • All School Athletics Meeting

    Last night we held an all-school athletics meeting at the Upper School. It was a great turn out and attendees heard from from the Head of School Terrell Davis, new Athletic Director Jason Selmon, the Booster Club, and Coach Speer about Panther Cubs! In addition, new coaches were introduced and parents had the opportunity to rotate between stations to hear from coaches and their vision for the upcoming seasons. 

    We already have many new students joining the Independent family and we're excited for them to experience all we have to offer!

    Thank you for those who attended!
  • Claire Sturm Heads to State for Swim

    Congratulation to Claire Sturm for qualifying for State in the 200 Individual Medley, 100 Back and 100 Fly.

    Good luck, Claire!!
  • Girls Soccer Beat Wichita South

    Congrats to the girls soccer team who beat Wichita South on Tuesday 6-0! It was senior night and the last home game. The girls had great passing and control of the ball. Reya Sims had three goals, senior defender Caitlyn Richmond scored a goal, as did Leah Hong and Julia Millington. 

    Tonight's game in Pittsburg has been rescheduled for Friday, May 11. Their next game will be at Bishop Seabury Academy in Lawrence. Good luck girls!
  • MS Bowlers take First Place!

    Jodi Schmitz
    MS Panthers bowled their way to 1st place against the Wichita Area Homeschool Warriors and Sunrise on Nov 2nd at Northrock Lanes! Varsity high bowler was Liam Toubassi with a 435 series and a Varsity team series score of 1617. JV high bowler was Jaleb Anderson with a 350 series and a JV team score of 1001.
  • Lilly Meier

    Sports Highlights

    Congratulations to the Varsity Tennis team who competed in the CPL Varsity League Tournament at WSU this past Monday. Everyone finished the day with at least one win. Junior Lilly Meier is this year’s CPL #1 singles CHAMPION after defeating Trinity Academy’s #1 singles player 6-1, 6-2 in the championship match. Congratulations, Lilly! 
    Good luck to Girls Tennis at Regionals tomorrow!
    Good luck to Cross Country at their CPL meet today!
    Click here to view the upcoming sports schedule for next week’s Volleyball, Tennis, Football games and Cross Country meets.
  • Winter Sports Information

    The Winter sports season is here.  Please click on the headline to read a message from Kurt McAfee, Athletic Director that will replace the on site winter sports meeting.  For further information or questions concerning winter sports, please contact Mr. McAfee at or at ext. 502.  
    Read More

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