From the Desk of... Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan
Hello Panther Family, and welcome to the final edition of Review Preview. 
Wait, what? This is the end? 

But wait, there's something new coming in its place... The Panther Post!
When I started at TIS this past July, I realized that my job would be to wear a lot of hats, but that most of those hats would be temporary, at least for the first year. I'm not really IT, but I work a lot with databases and computers. I'm not really the registrar, but I work with every grade level to develop and finalize the academic schedules for each student. I'm not really the graphic designer or marketing person, but I've worked with administrators from throughout the school to develop the newsletter and refine its content and format. I've come to a milestone where I will get to hand off one of those hats and redirect my focus toward other duties as Director of Strategic Innovation. 
Next week, the Review Preview newsletter will evolve into The Panther Post. The newsletter will have a familiar format in general, but will be more streamlined, and have more editorial oversight. Director of Community Engagement Karin Jonas and I will work with our graphic designer Grace Armenta moving forward. Grace and Karin have redesigned much of the look and lot of the feel of the newsletter.

We're excited to rebrand the newsletter, and we will continue to provide you with a conduit into the events and accomplishments of The Independent School via The Panther Post, a gateway into our Panther Portal!

See you in the funny pages!

Matt Duncan
Director of Strategic Innovation

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