Sophomore Our Town Projects

Monica Patino
Sophomore English teacher, Monica Patiño felt some magic in her classroom last week. And, what made it even better was it was unexpected. When they students finished Wilder's Our Town, and after some symbolism work, they were asked to to create their own time capsules that people would theoretically find 1,000 years later, like in the play.
And, like the play, Ms. Patino hoped it would hit home the value of community...the ties that bind, and the sense to value every moment because time is fleeting. 
"I was blown away by these students," said Mrs. Patiño. "They were vulnerable in explaining what's important to who they are, they discussed each item symbolically, they decorated, they tied things back to the play, and they really, really listened to each other."
Students left the hour knowing each other substantially better than when they walked into class. And, the grace with which they shared these sometimes deep, sometimes quirky, sometimes endearing trinkets that symbolized their larger, beautiful selves was really humbling.
As for Wilder's larger lesson of "the ties that bind" and to value each other, to "really look" at each other while we can...mission accomplished.
If you see a sophomore, congratulate them on a job well done. 


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